I used to work out regularly.  I would go through periods of stopping and starting, but I was pretty active.  Then I had kids.  My fitness routine got up-ended, but I tried various methods to work around it. 

After the birth of my middle child, I got back into a great routine.  I dropped weight, slimmed down and felt great.  Then I got pregnant again.

My third child is 9 months this week and today was the first day I did any form of activity in about 18 months.  Pathetic, but at least it’s a start.

My dear friend, Denise, and I have very similar goals, namely to get in shape and drop weight so we can be healthy and just plain feel better.  So today Denise and I went on an 8-mile bike ride.  This was a tad ambitious for us, as we acknowledged around mile 2.  I tend to think of the Midwest as flat, flat, flat, but by God, someone went and put a few hills in on the bike trail.  There was much sputtering, sweating and cursing to be had.  But we made it!  It’s a start!

We have committed to making a bike ride a regular thing and I hope we stick to it.

The pathetic thing?  I have a very nice treadmill in my basement that I haven’t been on in a year and a half.  I simply MUST get back into a routine.  I find it’s so much harder to set a routine with three kids age 4 and under, but I know it can be done.  I just have to figure out how.

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